After School Classes

Hillcrest Enrichment Classes and Registration Information

Hillcrest offers a wide range of classes to enrich our student body. Classes are run by independent contractors who establish the curriculum, min/max number of students, and fees.


Registration Begins: Wednesday, February 19 at 5 pm
Registration Ends: Saturday, February 29 at 5 pm
Classes: Monday, March 2, 2020 – Friday, May 22, 2020

Online Registration opens at 5:00pm on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 on a first come, first served basis. Previously waitlisted students will receive a pre-registration signup link. Students who do not get in this session, can be easily added to a waitlist and have priority enrollment next session.

With the warm weather back, Basketball and Tennis are both returning! And the popular Skateboarding is offering two classes. Or enjoy the classics like Harry Potter with Mary-Ellen, Sarah’s Science, or Coding with Mr. Rodriguez!


Similar to local schools, we are using 6crickets for streamlined enrollment. Enter your child’s info, register for multiple classes and pay for everything all at once. Nominal fees to cover the software and support are included in the total price.

View schedules, class descriptions, and register here.

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Class times for all after-school non-language classes will uniformly start 5 minutes after the end of school. This allows students time to walk to class without missing instruction, and to sign up for consecutive classes without overlap. The class schedule is subject to change.

No Classes:

  • Feb 24 – 28: Missoula Children’s Theatre
  • Mar 27: In Lieu of Cesar Chavez Day (no school)
  • Mar 30 – Apr 3: Spring Break (no school)


Enrichment education should ideally be accessible to all. Need-based scholarships for Hillcrest students are graciously furnished by our Enrichment Providers. Limit 1 child/school year. Not applicable to language classes. Please submit an online application here by Tuesday, February 18th at 10am.


Providers escort Kindergarteners directly from teachers to class at dismissal. Grades 1-5 walk independently. If your child is not enrolled in A/T, please make arrangements for an authorized person to pick-up promptly at the end of class.


  • Ensure providers have accurate and updated emergency contact information. (This can be done in 6crickets). Providers will contact parents directly if class is cancelled due to teacher illness or another issue, or for child absences.
  • Please inform your child’s provider directly if your child is absent from school or will be leaving school early and not attending class. Accounting for absent students detracts from valuable class time.
  • Classes with low enrollment may be canceled and refunded.


  1. Can we get a new (fill in the blank) provider at Hillcrest? Providers must be approved OUSD vendors, which requires several administrative steps, insurance, background checks, etc. Once a vendor is OUSD approved, they must then go through additional administrative approvals, fingerprinting, and sign special contracts. This second step takes place in the summer. With limited classroom space at Hillcrest, even approved and returning providers are not guaranteed space. For more information, providers can check out OUSD’s Become a Mentor site.
  2. We missed the registration window. Can we still sign up? Providers with space will often take students the first week of class, but you’ll still need to sign up via 6crickets by contacting the Provider. We encourage parents to signup early as it helps with rosters, organization, and A/T management.
  3. How will the kids know where to go afterschool? Kindergartners are walked specially to their classrooms by Providers. Kids in 1st and up can check the roster given to their teachers, the Enrichment board in the main hall, the Hillcrest website, or
  4. My child is enrolled in AT, how will they get back there after class? Providers are responsible for ensuring students enrolled in AT return there.
  5. We signed up for a class but changed our mind, can we get a refund or credit? Providers set their own refund/credit policies, although within the registration window there is generally flexibility to add and drop classes.

Please contact the Enrichment Liaison.