Fall After School Enrichment Classes

ASE Registration closes TODAY, Wed Aug. 28th at 5 PM!

MIDDLE SCHOOL Theatre now offers THE GREATEST SHOWMAN (instead of Shrek)! Calligraphy and Skateboarding also take 6th graders. If 7-8 graders are interested in these latter classes, please reach out to the provider.

This school year we have 3 sessions of approximately 10 weeks each and look forward to a successful year!


FALL: September 3-Friday, Nov 15 (~10 wks)

WINTER: Dec 2-Feb 21 (~10 wks)

SPRING: March 2-March 20, April 6-May 22 (~10 wks)

Fall Registration opens August 18th, for 10 days. Classes start after Labor Day, on Tues., Sept. 3rd. All signups must be done through 6crickets, even if a provider allows late registration. Signing up early in the registration window allows us wiggle room to modify classes if needed. Popular classes also fill up quickly too!

Signups are on a first-come, first-serve basis, but the waitlist carries over to the next session. So, no worries if you child doesn’t get in.

Notes: All ASE classes begin 5 minutes after the end of the school day, with 5 minutes travel time between classes. For halfdays, classes accordingly start at 1:25 pm. Due to several Monday holidays, we will have ASE classes on MONDAY, SEPT 23rd. The remainder of the week (Sept 24-27) there will be NO ASE classes.

New Providers: This year, we are excited that Ben Yates (https://www.castleintheair.biz/classes) has made time in his busy schedule to bring pen-art to Hillcrest. His classes are extremely popular, and he has been working successfully with kids for years! Matt Mercer of Positive Youth Movement adds another outdoor activity to get our kids moving: Skateboarding. His classes at Chabot Elementary fill up fast, and we lucky to have him!


  • Sept 24-26: Parent Teacher Conferences (minimum day)
  • Sept. 27: Staff Development (no school)
  • Oct. 14 – Lincoln’s Birthday (no school)
  • Oct. 31 – Halloween parade (minimum day)
  • Nov. 18-22 – Minimum Days Nov 25-29 – Thanksgiving Break (no school)
  • Dec 23-Jan. 3 – Winter Holiday Break (no school)
  • Jan. 20 – MLK Holiday (no school)
  • Jan. 31 – Staff Development (no school)
  • Feb. 17 – President’s Day (no school)
  • Feb. 24-28 – Missoula Children’s Theatre
  • Mar 27 – Cesar Chavez (no school)
  • Mar 30-Apr. 3 – Spring Break
  • May 26 – 28, 2020


  1. Can we get a new (fill in the blank) provider at Hillcrest? Providers must be approved OUSD vendors, which requires several administrative steps, insurance, background checks, etc. Once a vendor is OUSD approved, they must then go through additional administrative approvals, fingerprinting, and sign special contracts. This second step takes place in the summer. With limited classroom space at Hillcrest, even approved and returning providers are not guaranteed space. For more information, providers can check out OUSD’s Become a Mentor site.
  2. We missed the registration window. Can we still sign up? Providers with space will often take students the first week of class, but you’ll still need to sign up via 6crickets by contacting the Provider. We encourage parents to signup early as it helps with rosters, organization, and A/T management.
  3. How will the kids know where to go afterschool? Kindergartners are walked specially to their classrooms by Providers. Kids in 1st and up can check the roster given to their teachers, the Enrichment board in the main hall, the Hillcrest website, or 6crickets.com.
  4. My child is enrolled in AT, how will they get back there after class? Providers are responsible for ensuring students enrolled in AT return there.
  5. We signed up for a class but changed our mind, can we get a refund or credit? Providers set their own refund/credit policies, although within the registration window there is generally flexibility to add and drop classes.

Feedback, questions, concerns? Email the Enrichment Liaison.

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