Hillcrest Community Care Fund

This fund was created to support Hillcrest community members facing unforeseen hardships.


Provide short-term bridge relief in the form of community support and financial assistance to our Hillcrest school community.

Types of Aid / Support Criteria (at least one criterion must be met)
Meal Train ●      Family emergency*
●      Disrupted access to food
Emergency child care ●      Family emergency*
Student transportation ●      Family emergency*
●      Disrupted access to transportation
Errands ●      Family emergency*
●      Disrupted access to transportation
Groceries (standardized, $200)** ●      Family emergency*
●      Disrupted access to food
Bridge relief grant ($400)** ●      Family emergency impacting finances
●      Disrupted access to food
●      Disrupted access to shelter
●      Disrupted access to essential utilities
●      Disrupted access to transportation

* NOTE: For the purposes of this fund, family emergencies include, but are not limited to, medical and financial distress, such as illness, loss, employment disruption, insecure housing, and dislocation.

** NOTE:  Limit of $600 per family per calendar year for total value of groceries and bridge relief.

To request aid:

Contact a teacher, the principal, the mental health specialist, or another member of the staff.

To make a donation:

PayPal or credit card donations can be made here:

Checks can be mailed to Hillcrest Community Care Fund, 365 Florence Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

Hillcrest Community Care Fund is a tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, Tax ID# 85-1035675
Questions?  HillcrestCommunityCare@gmail.com