Readathon 2020

Dear Hillcrest community,

While the collective levels of stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty are high, we hope that in these difficult times, we can lean on each other (figuratively!) and not lose sight of the power of community. We are incredibly grateful for the Hillcrest family and how supportive and generous the community has always been with its time and resources. These are not normal times and we realize that families are having to make new and difficult decisions in response to our changing reality.

With that in mind, we are offering a Readathon that is completely optional and not focused on fundraising. The goal of this virtual event is to engage the kids and provide an additional element of structure and a daily goal during a time that is feeling unstructured and chaotic.

There is absolutely no pressure to participate! If you think this might be something your child will enjoy, that is our primary focus. Here is a quick overview of this very simple “event”…

  • The 2020 Readathon will start on 3/20 and end on 4/8. 20 days of reading with a goal for every student of 30 minutes/day.
  • The 30 minute goal can be met through a variety of ways… individual reading at whatever level, being read to by another person, looking at a picture book or graphic novel, being read to by a teacher (if the kids get back to school before 4/8).
  • A printable reading log is available. Kids are encouraged to track their daily minutes on the log and parents will be able to submit their totals through a Google form, made available on 4/9 and to be completed and submitted by 4/15.
  • All participants who submit their reading logs at the end of the Readathon will receive a Readathon t-shirt… thank you to Karen O’Connell for her beautiful artwork and her ability to revise it so quickly!

Please note that our intention here is to provide something low-key and fun for the kids to participate in while we get through this challenging time. If it feels outside of your bandwidth, that is completely understandable and there is no pressure to participate. Wishing you all the best during this challenging time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Carrie Markowski & Jessica Brasch – Readathon co-chairs


Update on Pledges, T-shirts & Registration via Dojiggy:

While the Walkathon t-shirt order was going to be based on our number of registered participants on the Hillcrest dojiggy website, we will now be basing that number off of our total number of Readathon participants. In order to get a t-shirt now, just be sure to submit your reading log by 4/15 and fill out your preferred t-shirt size in the indicated field on the form.

Anything that was pledged but not yet processed on dojiggy will not be completed on that platform. If you’d like to move forward with making a donation, please click on the button below, or you can mail a check, payable to Hillcrest PTA to 30 Marguerite Dr. Oakland, CA 94618