PTA Membership and Donations FAQ

How do PTA donations benefit my child?

Your donations make Hillcrest one of the top Oakland schools. With State and local budget cuts, Hillcrest is being forced to spend more on basic supplies. Listed below is a sampling of programs, staff, and supplies that are (at least, in part) funded by the PTA. They would not exist at Hillcrest without your generous contributions.

  • Music
  • Kinesthetic Education (KE)
  • Psychologist
  • Ecoliteracy
  • French (MS)
  • Community events
  • Art
  • Library
  • Family Education
  • IT teacher & Classes
  • Playground maintenance
  • School maintenance
  • Spanish (K and MS)
  • School and office supplies

What’s the difference between dues and a donation?

The $5 (per parent) PTA yearly membership dues goes towards membership of the National PTA which is the organization which governs the Hillcrest PTA. PTA Membership allows you to vote on significant school issues such as setting the yearly PTA budget and prioritizing where that money should be spent. Donations are of course how the PTA actually funds the above programs, staff and supplies. Each adult in the household should join the PTA.

You may pay your PTA dues via Paypal, but please note the dues are increased $5.62 and $10.61 to cover PayPal fees. To avoid these fees you may still pay by check, made out to “Hillcrest PTA” with “PTA Dues” on the memo line.

How do I join the PTA?

Fill out the attached form online, print it out and bring it to the front office (in the PTA Membership/Donation Folder) with checks made payable to “Hillcrest PTA”. Write “PTA Dues” on the memo line.

How do I donate?

Fill out the attached form and either:

  1. Submit your payment online using the integrated payment option within the form.
  2. Complete the form online, print it out and bring it to the front office (in the PTA Membership/Donation Folder) with checks made payable to “Hillcrest PTA”. Write “PTA Donation” on the memo line.

The suggested donation is $360 per child; however, we are grateful for donations in any amount.

Can I make a donation using an installment plan?

Yes! Feel free to use whatever installment plan works for you. If you have any logistical questions about this, feel free to contact one of us.

When will I get my donation receipt letter?

We will be emailing out donation receipt letters the 2nd week of December. If you would like a copy of the letter sooner than that, please contact us. If you donate money after this time, we will be emailing a receipt upon receipt of the donation.

Prizes? Did you say there are prizes?

The goal of this year’s Donation Drive is 100% family participation. Your contribution, of any amount, makes a difference. Every class that has 85% participation in the donation drive by September 16, 2016 will get an ice cream party. We are hoping to host a school-wide ice cream party! In addition, each student in the two classes with the highest participation percentages will receive an extra special prize.

What is the Employer Matching Contribution Program?

Many employers sponsor matching donation programs. Most of these programs match your contribution dollar-for-dollar, doubling your donation. Please check with your human resources or payroll department to see if they offer a donation program. If you have a matching program, please make sure to list “Hillcrest PTA” as the beneficiary.


Please contact Laura Todd or Lindsay Thomasson.