Parking & Drop-off

Please be respectful of our neighbors by obeying the posted parking signs and the school’s guidelines when dropping off or picking up your child. We do not want to receive parking complaints from neighbors. Let’s serve as good role models for our kids on this issue. And please inform all of your children’s caregivers about the rules of safe and neighborly parking.

  • Do not park along the narrow part of Hermosa (by the stop sign or guardrail). Parking here is not only illegal, but also unsafe. Do not park along the “No Stopping” zone in the same general area.
  • Do not park in the teacher/staff parking lot along Mandalay before school or during school hours. Teachers and staff recently have been unable to park there due to parents using the spaces in the morning and during the day. We ask that you respect this special privilege that we extend to our teachers.
  • Do not double-park behind the cars in the teacher’s lot when picking up your child. Yes, double-parking includes sitting in your car waiting for your child.
  • Relatedly, do not use the Mandalay gate (the big gates that open right onto the playground) as a drive-by drop off or pick up area. You should not be letting your kids out of your car here in the morning. Nor should you have them run through those gates and out to you in your car in the afternoon. It is unsafe to do so here. You may park legally and walk through the gates to pick up your child on the playground, but this is not a drive by and pick up zone.
  • Do not block crosswalks.
  • Do not exceed the time limit in the green zone on Marguerite Drive.

Morning Drop-off Procedure

Thank you to all who take the extra effort in complying with our drop-off and pickup rules. Together we can make our parking situation very safe. Please do not park in the yellow zone in front of the school on Marguerite Drive from 8 to 8:30 a.m. This area must be clear for morning drop-off, which occurs from 8:10 to 8:30 a.m. The yellow zone in front of the school is the only car drop-off place. Volunteer parents, Safety Patrol students, and staff will be at the front of the school to assist the children in exiting the cars. During this morning drop-off time, please make every effort to drive only in the westbound (downhill) direction on Marguerite Drive.

  1. Please use the drop-off lane in front of the school on Marguerite Drive to drop-off your children in the morning. Even if you are running late, it is safer for your child to be dropped off in front of the school versus running across Mandalay!
  2. We ask that when you enter the drop-off lane that you pull all the way forward to the GREEN ZONE at the bottom of the hill, allowing more cars to move off the street and into this lane.
  3. DO NOT PASS THE LINE OF CARS to pull into a space ahead. WAIT for the cars in front of you to move and proceed forward in the line.
  4. Children should exit vehicles on the right hand/passenger side of the car quickly. Say your goodbyes and I love you’s as you pull forward and not after you stop. Parents should not get out to help children with backpacks, lunches, etc. – the Safety Patrol volunteers will help your child get out. Keep children’s BELONGINGS within their reach, rather than the trunk to help with a speedy exit.
  5. When exiting the drop-off lane, pull forward onto Marguerite and then carefully turn onto Mandalay. Please watch your left and right hand turns! We have St. Theresa, Holy Names, Aurora and Hillcrest students crossing streets! Obey all stop signs.
  6. Parking, stopping or dropping off on the opposite side of Mandalay and having children cross the street is not safe, even if they are with you. Please insist that your children are crossing at the corners.
  7. THANK YOU for your cooperation! Our goal is to keep all children safe, while making drop off more expeditious for drivers.

Afternoon Pickup

Please park legally in the neighborhood. Do not block driveways or crosswalks, even if you need to walk a bit more to and from the school.