Fundraising Overview

Annual Donation Campaign

At the beginning of each school year, the PTA asks parents for a suggested donation of $500 per student (any amount is appreciated!). This is the second largest fundraiser of the year and is critical to help fund PTA-sponsored items and events. The suggested donation ends up being about $40/month per child and is far less than other local public schools request during their annual donation campaigns. You can donate here.

Help Support Hillcrest School

If you made tax-deductible donations to the Hillcrest PTA, our federal tax ID# is 94-6172363

One of the things that makes Hillcrest such a great place is the total family involvement in the school. Everyone gets into the spirit by participating in a variety of different annual fundraisers held to benefit the Hillcrest community. Whether you prefer to participate more actively (by volunteering your time) or passively (by contributing money, goods, or services), there is something that everyone can do and we need all the help we can get, so please get involved! Read below to learn about our biggest fundraising events and how you can participate:

Benefit for Hillcrest

The annual benefit, held every fall, is the primary source of funding to underwrite the costs of our computer lab, librarian, music and art education programs, physical education sessions, teachers’ aides, and more. The event is full of glamour, glitter, and lots of glorious auction items. To learn more about the benefit, visit the benefit website.

Hillcrest Walkathon

The Hillcrest Walkathon takes place in the spring and is the school’s second largest fundraiser. But calling it a “walkathon” probably isn’t doing it justice. It is also a community event that includes a small carnival full of games, activities, great food and more, so when the kids aren’t walking laps, there are many activities to become involved in. The Walkathon is the kids’ way to support the school; they go door-to-door and get their neighbors, families, and friends to support them in their efforts to give back to the school. For more information about the Walkathon or to volunteer to help out with this fun event, visit the Walkathon web page.

Retail Fundraising

Hillcrest PTA earns thousands of dollars each year by partnering with businesses that contribute a portion of their proceeds to our school when we shop or dine there. We encourage you to support these businesses and help raise valuable fundraising dollars for Hillcrest. A description of each program can be found here. Also check out the “Retail Fundraising” bulletin board in the hallway. There is something for everyone and every budget.