Keep in mind that due to capacity at Hillcrest, placement is not a guarantee. Please contact the OUSD Student Assignment Office at (510) 879-4600 Mon – Fri (closed Wed) 8am – 2pm for more information.

Returning students need not file an Options form. For new students, you must have filed your Options Form and the appropriate documentation within the options window timeframe. The enrollment period for the 2021-22 school year begins on Nov 16, 2020 and ends on Feb 5, 2021. Go to the OUSD enrollment page for more details. Filing the paperwork does not guarantee admission. Applications turned in after the Options Window closes are considered LATE and will not participate in the first round of lottery and placements.

School Tour Date

Hillcrest K-8 and its principal, Maria McCormick, will be hosting a virtual “visit/tour” for 2021-2022 prospective families on Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020 and Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021 from 6:30pm-7:30pm. To sign up, please register here by 7pm on Jan 11. Thank you for your interest in Hillcrest! Should you have any questions, please email them here.

Applicant Notification: OUSD will send letters notifying you of your child’s school assignment for the 2021-2022 school year. If your letter states Hillcrest as your child’s school, you must complete the required forms and bring your placement letter for Registration at the Hillcrest Office. If you do not follow the instructions in the letter, your space will be forfeited and given to a child on the waitlist.

Applicant Registration at Assigned School: You must register your child at their assigned school to confirm their assignment. Please check the OUSD Enrollment page for more details.

What to Keep in Mind:

  • Due to capacity at Hillcrest placement is not a guarantee. Please contact the OUSD Student Assignment Office for more information.
  • Ensure that parents understand and fully complete all forms for the OUSD Options Program. Visit Chabot, Kaiser, or any other school to which a student may be redirected prior to completing the Options form.
  • Explore all schooling options for their children that they deem appropriate and not assume that every neighborhood child will be admitted to Hillcrest.

Intra-District Transfers

It is not expected that there will be any open spots in the upper grades for transfers to Hillcrest from other schools in the district but check with the Student Assignment Office.

Enrolling After Kindergarten

All placements at OUSD schools are made through the Student Assignment Office; there are no waiting lists at the school sites. If you missed the Open Enrollment window, please visit the Student Assignment Office.

Additional Information

  • OUSD Options Enrollment policy details: Go to the OUSD web site at http://www.ousd.org. Click on Enrollment.
  • OUSD Student Assignment Office:
    746 Grand Avenue
    Oakland CA 94610
    (510) 879-4600