Help out at Hillcrest

Please find time in your busy schedule to volunteer at Hillcrest. If every family put in only 16 hours of volunteer time over the course of the whole school year, the results would be phenomenal! Just think, that’s only 2 hours per month – and it makes such a big difference.

Helping out can be as simple as typing something up, making a few calls, or using your creativity to move a project along. When you help at Hillcrest, you get to know other parents at the school, you often make new connections and friendships, and most importantly, you are part of creating the very best educational environment for your child.

Volunteer now! For more information or questions, contact Room Parent and Volunteer coordinator Jodie Kirk.

Register to Volunteer

This document gives an overview of the volunteer clearance process for OUSD parents. Classroom volunteers who visit 3 times or more require TB Clearance. Field Trip drivers require both TB Clearance and Fingerprinting Clearance. Both services will be offered on-site at the Hillcrest Library on Friday, August 7, 2020 from 5:30 – 6:30pm (TENTATIVE). There is a $40 fee for Fingerprinting Clearance. Your volunteer clearance is in place for 4 years, and your driver form needs to be updated every year.

Once you register to volunteer via the Oakland Ed Fund website, you’ll receive emailed information and forms for TB Clearance and Fingerprinting Clearance (if needed). The OUSD Declaration of Driver Form (for field trip drivers) can be submitted electronically or delivered to the Hillcrest office.


Below are a few groups who can always use your help – feel free to reach out to them directly. There are also many opportunities throughout the year listed in the weekly Yellow Pages newsletter and via your Room Parents that require volunteers.


The big fundraising event of the year! Help with decorations, ticket sales, soliciting donations from local merchants and businesses, and many other tasks. Also, we hope every family will donate an item, their services, or something to be auctioned. Examples: camping trip, bike trip, group dinners or parties, weekend or vacation home, computer help, homemade gifts, or anything else.
Contact: benefit@hillcrestpta.org


Help organize one of the major events for Hillcrest School. The Walkathon not only raises funds to support PTA programs, but is also a great community get-together featuring carnival games for the kids, music, and food.
Contact: walkathon@hillcrestpta.org

Middle School Volunteer Opportunities

It takes MANY volunteers to provide all the opportunities we offer our middle schoolers. Below is a list of positions and volunteers for the 2019-20 year. For more details on any of these positions, please see the Volunteering section in the MS Handbook 2019-20 (pdf). To find out more about volunteer opportunities, contact MS PTA representatives Deb Kaplan, Ann Zollicoffer and Meghan Langston.

MS PTA Board Representatives

2019-20 Volunteers: Deb Kaplan, Ann Zollicoffer and Meghan Langston

Field Trip Coordinators

2019-20 Volunteers: Erika Lonergan w/ Danielle Goyne

Athletic Director

2019-20 Volunteers: Lead: Coach Liz, Assistant: Dave Lonergan

Middle School Treasurer

2019-20 Volunteer: Lauren Grbich

8th Grade Night of Benefit Supervisors

2019-20 Volunteers: Caroline Hyde & Dominique Croteau

Walkathon Coordinators

2019-20 Volunteers: Kelly Kilpatrick (cake walk), Janet Young, Sarah Watson (back up)

Social/Dance Coordinators

2019-20 Volunteers: Diane Huetter, Stephanie McGraw, Nova Goldberg, Leann Cawley, Lena Shaw, Wendy Hynes

Community Service Representative (One Volunteer Per Grade)

2019-20 Volunteers: 8th Amanda Noguera & Bernadette Ryan-Leduc, 7th Heather Thomas & Kristine Karaca, 6th Monika Stevens

Graduation Committee

2019-20 Volunteers: Sarah Watson, Lori Waltzer, Margaret Dubin, Jen Shim, Daryn Roven (music), Suzie Inadomi (yearbook)

Kids Night Out (KNO) or Other Fundraiser

2019-20 Volunteer: OPEN

Pizza Friday

2019-20 Volunteers: LEAD: TBD

Childcare Coordinator for PTA Board Meetings

2019-20 Volunteer: Dani Rabwin

Lost and Found Coordinator

2019-20 Volunteer: Monika Stevens

Alameda Food Bank

2019-20 Volunteers: Bernadette Ryan-Leduc & Carol Burton

Lake Run Coordinators

2019-20 Volunteers: Coordinators: 8th Jen Bauer, 7th Kristin Beltran, 6th Anya Taylor

Student Council

2019-20 Volunteer: TBD