Help out at Hillcrest

Please find time in your busy schedule to volunteer at Hillcrest. If every family put in only 16 hours of volunteer time over the course of the whole school year, the results would be phenomenal! Just think, that’s only 2 hours per month – and it makes such a big difference.

Helping out can be as simple as typing something up, making a few calls, or using your creativity to move a project along. When you help at Hillcrest, you get to know other parents at the school, you often make new connections and friendships, and most importantly, you are part of creating the very best educational environment for your child.

Here are a few groups who can use your help. We suggest you select one or two committees that you might enjoy working on, and give the committee chair a call.

Volunteer now!  For more information, contact Room Parent and Volunteer coordinator Carol Burton.


After School Enrichment

Music, science, art classes. Sign-ups, oversee program, liaison between teachers and students.
Contact: Tamara Henderson


The big fund-raising event of the year! Decorations, ticket sales, solicit donations from local merchants and businesses. Also, we hope every family will donate an item, their services, something to be auctioned.  Examples: camping trip, bike trip, group dinners or parties, weekend or vacation home, computer help, homemade gifts, anything.
Contact: benefit@hillcrestpta.org


Help write and publish Yellow Pages, design posters and flyers for events, help post notices of events, design information for website and Yellow Pages via e-mail, establish contacts with local press/write press releases for school events and fundraisers. A great way to learn about all that’s going on at Hillcrest!
Contact: ypmail@hillcrestpta.org.

Community Service

Organize and promote public service projects which is a special way to give something back to the community. Become involved, and also help our kids be part of programs like Learn to Read, Feed the Hungry, clothes drives, visit the sick or elderly, etc.
Contact: Sarah Watson and Kristin Ruff

Fine Arts

Organize and plan art and music programming, including the annual art show and music concert.
Contact: Shefali Billon


Organize events and help seek out exciting speakers for school assemblies and PTA meetings.
Contact: Mirella Rangel and Caroline Hyde

Merchant Programs

By simply using scrip or eScrip to buy the food and things you already buy at your supermarket, you will be giving a percentage of your purchase to support Hillcrest. Help sign up parents for eScrip and sell scrip at events and PTA meetings; help organize and promote merchant programs.
Contact: scrip@hillcrestpta.org


Help organize one of the major events for Hillcrest School. The Walkathon not only raises funds to support PTA programs, but is also a great community get-together featuring carnival games for the kids, music, and food.
Contact: walkathon@hillcrestpta.org


Help create and develop Hillcrest’s online community. Help post content and create new online services.
Contact: website@hillcrestpta.org

Middle School Volunteer Opportunities

It takes MANY volunteers to provide all the opportunities we offer our middle schoolers. Below is a list of positions and volunteers for the 2017-18 year. For more details on any of these positions, please see the Volunteering section in the MS Handbook (pdf). To find out more about volunteer opportunities, contact MS PTA representatives Deb Kaplan and Lorena Cabello.

Instant Wine Cellar Captain & Benefit Wine Basket Coordinator

2017-18 Volunteers:

MS PTA Board Representatives

2017-18 Volunteers: Deb Kaplan & Lorena Cabello

Field Trip Coordinator

2017-18 Volunteer:

Athletic Director

2017-18 Volunteers:

Middle School Treasurer

2017-18 Volunteer:

8th Grade Night of Benefit Supervisors (one position)

2017-18 Volunteers:

Benefit Coordinators for Middle School donations

2017-18 Volunteers:

Walkathon Coordinator

2017-18 Volunteer:

Social Activities Coordinator (One or two positions)

2017-18 Volunteers:

Community Service Representative (One Volunteer Per Grade)

2017-18 Volunteers:

Graduation Committee Coordinator

2017-18 Volunteers:

Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser Coordinator

2017-18 Volunteer:

Parents’ Night Out Coordinator

2017-18 Volunteers:

Pizza Friday

2017-18 Volunteers:

Childcare Coordinator for PTA Board Meetings (Two positions)

2017-18 Volunteers:

Lost and Found Coordinators

2017-18 Volunteers: