Social Emotional Curriculum

The Social Emotional Curriculum at Hillcrest consists of the following:


Toolbox is a program to help children understand and manage their own social, emotional, and academic success.

The 12 Tools include:

  • Breathing Tool
  • Quiet/Safe Place Tool
  • Listening Tool
  • Empathy Tool
  • Personal Space Tool
  •  Using Our Words Tool
  •  Garbage Can Tool
  •  Taking Time Tool
  •  Please & Thank You Tool
  •  Apology & Forgiveness Tool
  •  Patience Tool
  •  Courage Tool

More detailed information can be found here and here.

Restorative Practices K-8

What is it? Restorative Practices (also referred to as Restorative Justice) in schools is a set of principles and practices that build community and involve processes that restore relationships when harm has occurred. It is an umbrella term that encompasses Community Building and Conflict Resolution principles and practices that enrich communities, repair harm, restore relationship and create safe and inclusive spaces for dialogue.

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This resource is a podcast intended for parents and caregivers called “Just Keep Swimming” written and narrated by Alia Dolan, LCSW in partnership with Bay Area Podcast Club. The podcasts are intended to provide parenting guidance from a mental and emotional health and wellness perspective, based on experience of working with children. A variety of subjects will be covered in this monthly podcast, and suggestions are welcome from the community on subjects that are relevant to many, which can be emailed directly here.